Cardinal Rigali on the Holy Father

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From this Zenit interview:

The Holy Father has launched, once again, to all the Catholics of the world, to all the people of the Church, the challenge to be ourselves -- to listen to the Word of God and to be challenged by conversion and holiness of life. And at the same time he points out the Church must also be ever solicitous for the developments of peoples.

Jesus himself went around proclaiming the Kingdom but he also went around doing good -- this is the legacy that the Church has received. And just as John Paul II mentioned, the way of the Church is man, the human person is so important.

Once again Benedict XVI has committed the Church to the development that will lead to the increased dignity of every man, woman and child. And so, we see from the very beginning of his pontificate this commitment to the internal mission of the Church, to the external mission of the Church.

And the Church, in order to be herself, must be holy. She must be converted but she must also reach out to the world in the way the Second Vatican Council has directed us; reach out to the world to be of service to the human person and to be of service to human life and to human dignity.

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How long has he been a cardinal? This is the same Justin Rigali, former archbishop of St. Louis, right?

Yup. He went to Philly 2 years ago.

Oh-- so he became a cardinal when he went to Philadelphia? I must have missed that part... :/


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