Baby Rowan

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"Although 'labor and delivery' is most difficult on the mother," she explained to WorldNetDaily, "it seemed to be the best choice for my son. And it would allow the opportunity for my son to be born whole, stillborn, and I could hold him and grieve him and have him cremated."

Maggie Gallagher's take:

You can hear in Angele's words all the instincts of motherhood at war with the culture of death, the social pressures that tell so many women abortion is their only real choice, the best, the responsible thing to do.


If you want to see the face of abortion in America, look at Rowan. His photo is posted at the Web site of Liberty Counsel (Angele's lawyers) His picture, while disturbing, is not particularly gruesome. It's just the peaceful face of a child our nation's Supreme Court says you have a right to kill.

Am I cynical for thinking the link on Maggie's piece on Yahoo is broken intentionally?

I have included the picture here. Click below to see it.


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Rowan is beautiful and perfectly formed in the image of our Creator. Our courts are brutal filled with cold hearted killers. I pray daily for life and hope that seeing Rowan's beautiful body will change millions of hearts. God Bless you Angele. We will see Rowan again in Heaven! Heaven is his playground now he has lots of friends.
God Bless you Rowan,



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