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Anybody know if Dell Printers are any good?

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Greetings, Papa-Lu and clan. Yes, I do lurk around the blogosphere from time to time, particularly when I'm fighting to stay awake until the end of my shift. :)

But as to your question: I'm not a fan of much of anything branded Dell, although I've never heard any reports of catastrophic failures with their printers.

Hi there. I just stumbled across your site.

I've had a Dell printer for about a year, and it has served me well. It's a scanner/printer combo unit (and it has fax capabilities, but I've never bothered to figure them out). If I'm not careful to check the paper feed, things can come out askew, but that's due to user error, I'm sure, as everything is perfectly aligned when I've got the paper in straight.

The print quality is good, even on projects with lots of graphics, and I've had decent-to-good results with printing digital pictures onto photo paper.

Hope that helps!

Thanks to you both!


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