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Here's another dissident woman's gripefest about Pope Benedict.

Some women I've spoken to use words like devastation and alienation. The pope is, after all, the cardinal who pushed the conservative agenda that attacks gays, feminists and birth control, and rejects the possibility of women becoming priests.

"THE Cardinal," as in, the only Cardinal pushing X, Y and Z. Not only is that blatantly false, it's also a blatant show of disrespect for John Paul II and all that he consistently taught. The funny thing is, all the nay-sayers talk about modernizing the Church and being more open. JP2 took ancient teachings and demonstrated in fully modern terms why the Church's beliefs help man live to his fullest. He confronted and dialogued with the modern world every day of his pontificate.

What amazes me is that these people seem to think Pope John Paul II didn't mean these things when he said them. I blame this all squarely on the dissident movements who delude people into thinking change is only a pope away.

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