This week's award for Imagination in Journalism goes to Reuters!

Trying desperately to find a story amidst the Cardinals' self-chosen silence, this is their best effort.

The article is about factions lining up behind Ratzinger (conservative faction)and Martini, the retired Abp of Milan (progressive faction). It's puff, relying mostly on an unnamed "church official," but it does contain some nuggets of incredible silliness.

In an unexpected move, Ratzinger published a book in Germany on Wednesday arguing that Europe must reclaim its Christian heritage. Open campaigning for the papacy is frowned upon and it was not clear what effect the book would have.

An unexpected move??? Right, I'm sure Ratzinger had complete control over deadlines, release dates, etc. He certainly whipped this book up during this past momentous week as a way of putting his name out there.

A conservative campaign to rapidly declare John Paul a saint also appeared to work in Ratzinger's favor because of his close ties to the former Pontiff.

"Ratzinger's supporters have stepped up their efforts to elect him quickly," wrote the Rome daily La Repubblica.

Granted, there's nothing tying the two paragraphs directly together, but the insinuation is that the calls for JP2's canonization were somehow subversive lobbying attempts by Ratzinger's supporters.

"The moderates will have to get their act together fast because about half the cardinals seem undecided and could go along with whoever looks like a winner," the official said.

Right, there's all these undecided fence-sitting Cardinals chewing their fingernails with indecisive anxiety, and they're going to finally side with Ratzinger instead of some "compromise" candidate?


The cardinals agreed last week not to talk to the media during the pre-conclave period but Italian journalists with close ties to the Vatican frequently get leaks. Their media are also favored because most cardinals speak Italian.

The excerpts from Ratzinger's book "Values in Times of Upheaval" published by Munich's Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily did not appear formally to break that vow of silence as they were most likely written even before Pope John Paul died on April 2.

Well, thank you for the cutting edge reporting! The excerpts were most likely written even before Pope John Paul died. You think? So in other words, the answer to the question that serves as the heading for this section is NO!

Also, the above two paragraphs don't even have anything to do with each other? They first tells us (in an almost whiny tone, don't you think?) that Italians newspapers get good leaks, and the exerpts from his book (not exactly guarded information that could get somebody fired) were published by a German newspaper.

Poor Reuters, they're not Italian, so they have to make up all their stories.

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