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Haven't had much time to blog recently. Here are some links I've grabbed over the past few days:


The Papal Media Coverage Drinking Game


+The Pope’s “Divisiveness”: As stated above, the Catholic Church (and certainly Pope John Paul II) espouses beliefs sometimes contrary to current popular opinion. For this, the late pope has been labeled as “divisive,” typically on topics such as abortion, women priests, contraception, embryonic stem cell research, or other “left wing” political topics. Whenever John Paul II is labeled “divisive,” take one (1) drink. He is almost never thus described when the topic comes to more “right wing” issues, such as the death penalty or the war in Iraq (that’s just progressive thinking, dontcha know?). Take three (3) drinks if John Paul II is called “divisive” for taking a politically liberal stand.

Bottoms up!

Philosophic Legacy of JP2

Zenit interview with a Mexican philosopher who "is regarded as one of the major experts on Karol Wojtyla's thought.

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