Pope Benedict XVI

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Praised be Jesus Christ for the gift of a Shepherd to lead us! May the Holy Spirit guide him in his every step for as long as He wills.

Viva Il Papa!

People I'm very happy for:
The Universal Church
Christopher (His site is down. I wonder if he got slammed bandwith-wise, or if maybe we'll be seeing a Pope Benedict XVI fanclub shortly.)
Lisa (at least the German half of her! Although I'm pretty sure she's 100% excited!)
All Germans (whether they share my enthusiasm or not).

Word of warning:
Just as the mainstream media has been attempting to slander and smear him in the past week, they will now redouble their efforts. We've already seen it this week with the Nazi allegations. It will likely only get worse.

What can we do? We can first and foremost pray for the truth to be evident. Additionally, we can spread the word and point out lies for what they are.

Anybody else feel like throwing a party?

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I've been drinking Guinness for so long... who can recommend a good German beer?

Erdinger is my favorite. Pauaner is pretty good, too.

Bill- I don't know the name of the beer I drank in Munich, but it was *incredible.* (And I say that as a person who once claimed that there could be no good beer on Earth.) Germans *definitely* know how to make good beer. Mmm... beer in Munich... :)


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