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Wiegel: Light in a New Dark Age

AP: Pope's email address and No Staff Shake-Up At Vatican and Russian patriarch congratulates pope

Detroit News: Catholics 'on top of the world'

NYTimes: Few see taint in service by Pope in Hitler Youth (yet they're still talking about it) and Pope May Color Debate in U.S. Over 'Life' Issues Like Abortion

Reuters: Benedict XVI memorabilia? It's just a click away

James Pinkerton: The Crucifixion Will Be Televised on Tech Central Station

Catholic World News: Benedict XVI at a glance and Benedict: What's in a name? and First steps for new pope

Maggie Gallagher: We have a pope!

Chiesa: Benedict XVI: The Pope and His Agenda - Very detailed and insightful.

Roger Kimball: The new Benedict

Michael Novak: Rome's Radical Conservative (NYTimes, registration required)

NCR (the good one): ‘A Beautiful Personality’

The Old Oligarch is excited. So is Jeff Miller.

Lileks has no stake, or does he?

AFP: On Internet frontlines, bloggers have a lot to say about new pope

Time Magazine: Assessing Pope Benedict XVI

Canadian Press: Catholic doctrine OK; world's attitude needs to change: cardinals

Christianity Today: Upright But No Panzer Pope

Catholic News Service: Vatican colleagues say 'church will come to love' Pope Benedict XVI

NY Daily News: Vatican enforcer has soft side, too.

Belfast Telegraph: The Benedict legacy and Pope may receive invite to Ireland

USA Today: Introduction electrifies cheering, chanting crowd and U.S. cardinals predict faithful will warm to new pope

Seattle Times: Reaction around the world

CNN: Reader emails

WaPo: Joy Tempered by a Wish for a Third World Pope and Steadfast Beliefs in a Tumultuous World and Church Turns to Its Guardian of the Faith

Radio Australia: Asia and Pacific react to new pope

Fox News: Benedict Pledges to Continue John Paul's Work

AP: Pope Benedict XVI promises to continue church reforms, reach out to other religions and China hopes for better Vatican ties and Cardinals break silence and American cardinals excited about choice of new pope and Sketches of a conclave and Ratzinger's love of tradition was nurtured in conservative Bavaria and Italians Again Shut Out of Papacy and Benedict Showed 2 Sides After Pope's Death (this last one quotes Hans Kung, who must be furious) and Pope to Hold Press Conference Saturday and Poverty in Latin America Faces Pope and New Pope Inspired by Anti-War Pontiff and Pope Predicted a Short Reign to Cardinals

Wichita Eagle: Choice of `Benedict' may have been inspired by saint, scholars say
To borrow a line from James Taranto: What would we do without scholars?

BBCNews: Africans hail conservative Pope
This one contains a special brown nugget:

In the 1980s, Cardinal Ratzinger cracked down on Bishops in Latin America who backed liberation theology, which argued the church had a duty to liberate the poor from oppression.

Right, notice the ommission of the fact that the main problem with liberation theology was its embrace of Marxist ideas. Leave that fact out and you have "The Church hates the poor."

Yorkshire [UK]Post: Traditionalist Takes over Reins

NY Post: He Deserted Hitler's Army to Enlist as God's Soldier

Jersey Journal: German residents take pride in pope

World Faith News: Statement of Conference of European Churches

Worst headline award goes to the AP: Israel Praises Pope Despite Past Nazi Ties

Miami Herald [Registration Required]: Morality battle predicted

All Mixed Up
Reuters: Leaders Welcome New Pope, Liberal Catholics Dismayed

AP: U.S: "Mixed Feelings"

MyMotherLode [Sonora, CA]: World: "Mixed reaction"

Pulse Journal [Somewhere in Ohio]: Latin America: "Mixed Reviews"

Reuters: Mixture of Joy and Concern

LA Times: Joseph Ratzinger, a Close Ally of John Paul, Draws Mixed Reactions

AP: Some Hopeful, Others Disappointed by Pope

AP: Pilgrims Watch New Pope With Mixed Emotion

Boo Hoo
WPMI [Pensacola Beach]: New Pope Bad Choice For Liberal Catholics

Cybercast News Service: Feminist, Homosexual Groups Turn Thumbs Down on New Pope [Southern Africa]: New pope 'has been homophobic'

Greeley: Pervasive 'non-campaign' fractured rules of secrecy

Maureen Dowd: Smoke Gets in Our News

Reuters: Liberal U.S. Catholics Dismayed at Choice of Pope

Chicago Sun-Times: New man on top, but nothing changes for Catholic women -

Interpress Service News Agency: New Pope a Disappointment to Progressives, Women

365gay [ew]: Extreme Homophobe Ratzinger Elected New Pope Habemus blabbemenum!

"Catholics" for a Free Choice: The First One hundred Days assebles: Gripefest - Dissenter-Style Anglican Bishop Denounces New Pope's Election

IOL [South Africa]: I wouldn't have voted for new pope, says Tutu

Regional reactions
Virginia Pilot: Some locals unsure what to expect from pope [Arkansas City, KS]: Locals positive on pope

News Channel 11 [Lubbock, TX]: Catholic Bishop of Lubbock Praises New Pope

Herald & Review [Decatur, IL]: Local Catholic leaders praise the election of the new pope

Oneida [NY] Dispatch: Local Catholic leaders pleased

Stuff [New Zealand]: Kiwi Catholic leaders approve choice of pope

Dodge City [KS] Daily Globe: Dodge City bishop says new Pope will preserve Catholic values

Minnesota Public Radio: Local Catholic leaders react to new pope Catholic students in Bucks share views on new leader

Glencoe [IL] News: Area Catholic leaders welcome 'brilliant' pope

NBC San Diego: Local Catholics Cheer New Pope's Election

For Lisa: Wichita Eagle: Pope's quick election a surprise and a cause for celebration

CBS2 [Chicago]: Catholic, Jewish Children Celebrate Together (with video) and Cardinal George says new pope will preserve toughened discipline plan for abusive priests and

New Hampshire Union Leader: Choice of 'Benedict' pleases local monks and NH brother may have influenced new Pope

WGRZ [Western NY]: WNY Germans Thrilled

Daily Citizen [NW Georgia]: Area Catholics not surprised with selection

WTVO [Rockford, IL]: Rockford Bishop Pleased with New Pope

York [PA] Daily Record: Churches Celebrate Choice

Arizona Daily Star: Tucsonans back pontiff despite some concerns

Yankton [S Dakota]Press and Dakotan: Classwork Stopped For New Pope

SB Sun [San Bernardino]: Some local Catholics fear for church's unity, reform

Denver Post: Stern reputation ill-deserved

Daily Local News [Philly]: Residents react to news of pope's appointment

The Evening Tribune [Hornell, NY]: Our Lady of the Valley Catholics celebrate new pope

Recordnet (Stockton, CA): Local Catholics discuss the change

Jackson [Tennessee] Sun: 'We hope he does a good job'

Berkshire [MA] Eagle: Berkshire clergy envision new pope following same path as John Paul II

Northwest Indiana Times: Munster native witnessed pope's debut and Melczek, clergy celebrate selection

My Kawartha [somewhere in Canada I think]: 'Kind of stunned' says local priest of pope's election

Portales [NM] News-Tribune: Residents feel Ratzinger the right choice

Toronto Star (registration required): Pope a 'quiet, gentle man'

Washington Times: National Basilica draped in celebration

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Pope is a 'gentle soul'

Courier & Press [Evansville, IN] (Registration required): Gettelfinger says don't sell transitional pope short

Vanguard [Nigeria]: Ratzinger is new Pope

Pacific Daily News [Guam]: New pope selected

NBC 15 [Madison, WI]: Wisconsin Catholics Welcome New Pope, Wonder About Future

KLTV [Jacksonville, TX]: Bishop Corrada Met New Pope In 1988

First Coast News [Somewhere in Florida]: Local Catholics React To Choice

Winona [MN] Daily News: Winona's Catholics pleased by pope pick

Star-Ledger [NJ] - Jersey residents with German roots react with pride and Theologians imagine forceful, if brief, reign

Pensacola News Journal: Local Catholics rejoice

CBS 21 [Harrisburg, PA]: Pope Benedict the 16th

LA Times (Registration may be required): Mahony Says the World Soon Will See Pontiff's Pastoral Side

News Journal [Central Ohio]: Watching "intently"

13WHAM [Rochester, NY]: New Pope Says First Mass, Local Reactions (with video)

Fulton [MO] Sun: Callaway Catholics pleased

Channel Oklahoma: OKC Archbishop Pleased With New Pope

WBAL [Baltimore]: Catholics Want Pope To Address Social Issues

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