Interview with Cardinal George

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I don't think I've mentioned this since my previous blog, btu the Chicago Sun Times has the worst religion writer.

She writes for a major newspaper in a major American metropolis, and these are the best questions she can manage when she gets to sit down with Cardinal George in Rome for an interview. I can't believe they sent her of all people to Rome to cover this.

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Yeah-- lame questions.

I think what bugs me the most about this kind of stuff is that these people seem to forget not only that the Catholics in the U.S. make up only a fraction of the billion or so Catholics in the whole world, but also that to most of these other Catholics worldwide, these types of questions don't even make any sense.

Ordaining women... over my dead body.

It's funny how distrinctly American these questions are. There are real problems in the world, and real opportunites for good, and we're still rehashing married priests.


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