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BBC News asked eight religious figures of various faiths to comment on the Pope. Notable is Hans Kung's astoundingly arrogant reaction:

Let us therefore give him a chance: as with a president of the US, we should allow a new pope 100 days to learn.

How generous of you, Hans. We sure wouldn't want to actually learn anything from the Pope, would we?

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Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to criticize. I was contacted by a friend to comment on the Pope. I said the media should be silent for _three years_ before commenting on this Pope. That's 1095 days. Since most of the media coverage right now is completely concocted, why not wait? The media didn't think Ratzinger was important before he was Pope, why should they give him attention now? They will talk for another couple weeks about this Pope, and then he will fall to the back burner in their eyes, no longer a hot topic.

My problem with the particular guy in question is that he is a dissident theologian. The media I don't expect to understand or appreciate anything Catholic. I guess I shouldn't expect more out of this guy either. He knows darn well nothing in the next 100 days is going to change his mind.


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