Divine Mercy

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As the Pope nears his death, we also should remember his love of the Divine Mercy devotion, which we celebrate in a particular way this Sunday.

As we pray, let us commend the Pope to the Divine Mercy of Christ and ask St. Faustina to pray for his direct entry into eternal bliss.

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The gates to Heaven will swing WIDE for this Pope.
Le ringrazio per tutto Papa...

I am praying for the Pope, and I hope that he will have a most glorious life in Heaven. He has shown such strength ever since he chose to enter a deeper religious life. May he rest in everlasting peace.

We love you Pope John Paul II, and we are praying for You, that the Lord's will be done. We do not want you to suffer and we thank you for your leadership since 1978, God is with you we know,Please know that we are all praying for You.

God bless the pope I pray he is not suffering and he will help god in heaven,He has been waiting up there for this pope.He has been a wonderful leader in my eyes!Now I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP!God Bless You Pope John Paul II and Have a safe journey home Sir. I LOVE YOU! Please Take care of us all in your new Heavenly home!


As,POPE JOHN PAUL THE II,nears his death,we should remember his LOVE of the DIVINE MERCY devotion,which we celebrate in a particular way this Sunday. As We Pray,Let Us Commend,POPE JOHN PAUL THE II,To The DIVINE MERCY OF "JESUS CHRIST" And Ask,Saint Faustina To Pray For His Direct Entry Into Eternal Bliss,Amen.

god bless you papa we love you and we will miss you.

God is waiting with open arms for this wonderful
Holy Man...


Dear Pope,Get well soon and back to holy work,show the mercy of god and amazing miricle,if it is god's will.Or may god guide you straight to heaven.You'll be with Christ and all other Saints that are gone before us,in heaven.Prayer with all my heart is with you.

pope john paul you will now be with god. you did great job on earth. you make our life better for all of us .now your job is finsh now time for you to rest. god bless you

I know the pope is ready to go meet the Father So go in Peace And God Bless!

I wish he weren't suffering so much. It's very sad

I will thank the Blessed Sacrament tonight for having a Pope that touched so many of us and will meditate on his exemplary life. May God open up wide the gates of heaven as our dear Pope triunphantly leaves his incredible job on earth and enters into his most incredible new life ! ! ! ! May God bless the Pope ! ! !

I pray today for our great lord to take this man of holyness to his beautiful mansion.Please relieve him from all pain for his body is to weak.He did a great job here and we will miss him, but his job here is done..But another one is waiting for him in heaven..Be there for all the children and families that have died in that horrific disaster...And also help GOD look over us..GOD Bless You! YOu will be missed?

Hello everybody, this is your blog host.

I appreciate your comments here. Let us join in prayers for the Pope as he nears death. Also, remember to pray for the Church. We will be getting a new shepherd soon, and the Cardinals will need our prayers as they discern whom God is calling to lead the Church next.

For those who are anxious about the Holy Father's Suffering, remember, that Christ came to give suffering a redemptive value. The Pope is embracing his suffering and is undoubtedly offering it up for the good of souls.

Finally, I had to delete a few comments because they were disrespectful. I understand that to many, the Pope is a controversial figure. But those who would speak ill of the man must understand that the Pope is our "spiritual father" (to quote St. Paul) and you do not insult a dying or dead man to his bereaved. If you wish to speak ill of the Pope, please find you own forum.

Please do not let my words to the disrespectful stop you from sharing your thoughts and prayers at this historic moment, if you so wish.

Thank you all again for coming and for your prayers and words.

My prayers are for a painless end to arrive.
Your work on earth is complete..go to your Heavenly rest knowing that you have accomplished much, and your sons/daughters in the Lord are praying for you...loving you...into the glories of His Holiness.

May God Guide you gently across the bar.

In Christian Love


I am praying for you and God well help us all though this

Pope John Paul II, in his strength and in his suffering, has reminded me of what it means to have true faith; I am humbled and touched beyond words at this moment. I pray for the Holy Father and I pray for the Church. May God bless us all through this time.

I am not Catholic and I don't know much about it. I go to a non-dominational church. But I do know the wonderful works of the Pope and what he stands for. I pray that he is not suffering nor is he in any pain. He will be seeing Christ soon!

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Him. (JOHN 14:6). The Pope(God keep him) wants you to praise Jesus.

thanks for NOT answering my question.....rational thinking has never been chosen over faith

I found some consolation in the fact that Divine Mercy Sunday is so close... In particular, I remember hearing that the Pope was one of the people working on Sr. Faustina's original Cause for cannonization, and I think she was from his home diocese in Poland. There is a certain sense of conclusion if he is welcomed into heaven this close to that feast.

To the poster at 5:40 AM, your questioned was answered two posts below, where you asked it.

I pray that Papa is going to rise into the gates of Heaven, and won't suffer in the process. We should be thankful, even if you aren't Catholic, that such a wonderful man has accomplished many wonderful things for many people. Let's all pray for him now, just as he has prayed for us.

By last night mess, I realized that Pope really
working hard to keep truth in earth. Truth help my family been together with faith always. Thank you Papa and I love you so much. 주님 교황 바오로 2세 를 저희에게 주셔셔 감사드림니다. 그분과 함께 하심을 믿읍니다. 아멘.

Howdy, Papa Lu! One of the blogging Daughters of St. Paul pointed out that Sunday afternoon/evening is not only the feast of Divine Mercy but also the vigil of the Annunciation (transferred this year). A fitting time to go, if he has to.

we will miss you, heaven is waiting alone with god and his angels


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