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Thank you to AOL for including me in their Blog Zone. I welcome all of the AOL visitors who have come and are still coming in. As we pray together for the Pope John Paul II, we can be comforted that so many around the country and indeed around the world are united together in prayer through the Body of Christ.

I invite you all to feel free to look around and comment on anything you see.

I do have one rule, though. In our Catholic religion, the Pope is the head of the Church. He is like a family member, a "spiritual father" to quote St. Paul. I understand not everybody is Catholic and doesn't share my love for him, but just as you would not go to a bereaved family member and insult the person who is dying or dead, so it will not be acceptable for you to insult the Holy Father in my comment boxes. If you don't understand, and you have questions, that is one thing, but insults and abusive language will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

There are plenty of internet forums for insults and anti-Catholicism, this is not one of them.

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Boy oh boy, Papa Lu! Seems an AOL link is a mixed blessing :-/

Indeed, Bill

I think the words Papa Lu wrote are exactly the way our our Holy Father would say it.

May he find peace with his maker. This Pope was so good in so many ways that it is sometimes difficult to accept the reality that he led the regression of the Church back to the days of Pius XII. It is time to get back to John and his "If it ain't in the Book, we don't have to do it" approach to doctrine.

Good for you.

I am sorry to hear that you had to suffer through those kinds of comments. Sometimes my eyes well up with tears at the thought of all the offenses made against God's holy people and even Christ himself (especially in the Eucharist).

My daughter visited a shrine in Italy where the Gold ciborium was once stolen and the thief, not wanting the host, dumped them into a basket near the back door of the Church(Thank God for that at least.) The consecrated hosts were recovered and they remained in tack for hundreds of years. They are still there today. My daughterís group had adoration there in front of those same hosts in reparation for all the offenses against the Blessed Sacrament.

Reading some of the comments on other sites about the Holy Father makes me think we should pray for them and for the world that turns good and evil upside down.

God Bless you!
Mary H

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I accidently made the above comment without filling in my name etc. but it posted anyway. Perhaps you would get fewer disagreeable comments if the poster was required to put in his name and e-mail. Just a thought. God Bless! MaryH


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