To hell with Godwin's law

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A movie about a pretty young woman who becomes permanently disabled and begs her male caretaker to pull her plug opens to rave reviews and becomes a box office smash.

No this isn't "Million Dollar Baby" in America, 2005; it's a Nazi propaganda film from Germany, 1939.

My how far we've come!

Hat-tip: Population Research Institute

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Wow... I doubt that there's a Hitler waiting in the wings here at the moment, but there can be no doubt that our culture is being softened up to the point that such evils would be possible in the future.

Good point, I don't mean to equate Clint Eastwood to Goebbels, but I think it's important to note the similarity in mentality; even if people think they're being "compassionate" they're still using people as means to an end.


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