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I haven't got much response to these: anybody out there know where I can get some help??
Also, I just bought a Dell handheld. It runs Microsoft's mobile operating system. Does anybody know where I could find a browser and email system that aren't Explorer and Outlook for it? I looked at the Mozilla webpage and couldn't find anything. Am I missing something?

Finally, I'd like to start using a news aggregator that I can sync with my handheld so that either a) I can sync the information straight from the aggregator on my PC to my handheld, or b) I'll get my subscriptions emailed to me so I can then sync it with my handheld. I searched a bit for what I wanted, but I found a bajillion options, and I don't which are the real deal.

I don't want much... I just want it all.

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I'll put my IT buddy on the case.
Get back to you when I hear!

I was using Avant Go ( to synch news onto my Palm pilot... I think it should work with WinCE devices also. As for the browser, I don't know.

It looks like someone is trying to port Mozilla to WinCE, but there aren't any builds released yet... I found this page:


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