Pope's Assassination planned by KGB?

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I'm not sure the reliability of the source, but the Hindustan Times is reporting that evidence has been found linking the KGB to the 1981 attempt to murder Pope John Paul II, quoting an Italian newspaper.

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doode, tom clancy wrote a book about that!!

LOL. It's one of those things that's not at all surprising, but you still can't believe it.

Several years ago, a book entitled "The Plot to Assassinate the Pope" was published by The Reader's Digest Press, I believe. They made a strong case for Russian involvement in the attempt to kill the Pope. That was done by them through the Bulgarians. It was an interesting book that I personally found convincing. The case is a strong one. I am sure over the years that investigators have added details to what was being reported in this early work.

I am a non-Catholic. That makes little difference. I join you in praying for the Pope.

Kindest regards----David

Thank you David, for your prayers for the head of our Church.


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