JDRF: Plugging Their Ears and Screaming "NANANA!" for the Cure

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Now being helped along by Scripps Howard.

From Wesley Smith via The Brothers Judd via Open Book.

Wesley Smith (did you know he had a blog?) links to two articles (1, 2,) by Mike Fumento exposing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund's (JDRF) disregard for the promising research of a scientist who has actually cured Type 1 in favor of throwing money at embryonic stem cell research, which is immoral and won't produce anything helpful for at least a decade.

Meanwhile, as I've written previously, Harvard researcher Dr. Denise Faustman was the first to cure diabetes in mice and now seeks funds for a clinical trial to replicate her fantastic results in humans. Thrice she has applied to JDRF; thrice they have rejected her. Never mind her impeccable credentials and that she even reviewed grants for JDRF.

Her transgression seems to be that her treatment involves restoring dead insulin-producing cells in the pancreas with ASCs already present in the body. Despite what the JDRF would have you think there have already been tremendous breakthroughs in ASC therapy, with over 80 treatments and almost 300 human clinical trials underway versus zero treatments or trials for ESCs. Still, nothing would belie the false claims of ESC lobbyists more than curing diabetes with ASCs.

Of course there may be other reasons for rejecting Faustman, but JDRF won't say what they are. They refused to let me interview them, specifically citing my prior writings favorable to ASC research. Curious, that.

Former top Time Warner executive J. Richard Munro once chaired the JDRF board but is now bitter towards the group and sits on the board of Raff's organization instead. "I'm a huge fan of Denise [Faustman] and simply cannot understand why JDRF won't fund her," he told me. "For 25 years my two sons have been diabetic and it's maddening that nothing has changed."

Nor will it, if we count on the "so close" JDRF.

It's hard to come to any other conclusion than JDRF is more interested in lobbying for embryonic stem cell research than in curing diabetes.

By thew way, Scripps Howard, who syndicates Fumento, ran the first article but not the second, calling it a "diatribe." Hardly: Fumento writes as reasonably as one can. It's too bad they want to aid and abet JDRF in ignoring the only research that has produced any results.

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