In the middle of the Triduum


Liturgically, Our Lord is in the tomb, yet we know that tomorrow He will rise again. I think this is the most difficult time of year to pray with the Church. In a few short hours, we will be off to the Easter Vigil, and then the celebration of the resurrection begins. Yet how do we go about preparing for this celebration while still keeping in our minds and prayers the fact that Christ died just yesterday?

One way is to keep the Good Friday fast on Saturday. This is something I try to do, even though it's not always easy. The Easter preparations so quickly get in the way. I just came back from buying libations for tomorrow, and there is just no way to avoid the excitement of knowing that the vigil is so close at hand.

So, how do we pray on Holy Saturday? Well, I guess it's best to look at what actually happened between Good Friday and Easter - Jesus "descended into the dead." So perhaps it would be a good idea to unite ourselves in prayer with the Church Suffering, who do not yet enjoy the beatific vision.

What about Mary? How did she pray on Holy Saturday. Only hours before, she had held the dead body of the God-man before He was laid in the tomb. Despite her great faith, she undoubtedly shed real, true tears. Yet she knew Christ was not to be conquered. She more than any of the disciples kept in her heart Christ's words that He would rise on the third day. There is sorrow yes, but also great hope.

Then I suppose it's not all that bad to have that excited feeling I just can't get rid of. Through faith, we know the fact of the resurrection, and to pretend otherwise would be to bear a false witness to the tremendous hope that is within us.

Christ makes all things new, so let us remember that though He is in the tomb (a sorrowful fact, no matter how you look at it), He is saving, conquering, forgiving the whole time He is there.

Perhaps that'show we should pray: for God to lead us to salvation, to conquer sin in us, and to forgive us and help us to forgive, so we may fully enjoy and participate in the central celebration of the mysteries of our faith.

God Bless you all, and have a wonderful Easter!

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