Hitchens on Schiavo


Hitchens spills his vitriol all over the Schiavo case, unfortunately allowing his hatred for everything some Christian somewhere thinks is good (a hatred that somehow doesn't extend to war) to lead him away from any of the actual issues in the case.

His piece is more hate-mail against Christians who want Terri to have a chance to live than analysis of facts or serious argumentation about the legal issues. Of course, he takes a very convenient position to start with: Terri is already dead. This permits him to dismiss all talk of rehabilitation and adultery or extraordinary means of care and boil everything down to "Jesusland v. Terri."

Hitchens can be a very entertaining and insightful writer; his work on Kissinger was one of my favorite reads all last year, both for his sharp style and willingness to call evil what it is. Here, however, we have another example of his misplaced outrage and utter insanity when it comes to certain moral and religious issues. It makes the good stuff hard to enjoy.

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