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In the past two days I've had comments from Rob, "poleguy" and the other Chris L. I had no idea any of them ever dropped by here.

Soooo.... if you're somebody I know who visits here and doesn't comment, could you please let me know on this post? You don't have to give your full name or anything like that if you don't want, I'll probably know who you are. If you have a blog, let me know, too! Also if you want you can email me at odragul at juno dot com. I'd just like to know who reads this.

And please feel free to comment on anything you see here. Bloggers like comments (even disagreeable ones), they keep us going.

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That's because I started reading your blog last weekend!

I stop by quite often.

OK, this is a good start. Anybody else out there?


I drop by a few times a week. You're one of the fifty or so blogs I try to keep up with.


Ok! You found me out.....your blog is my homepage and I check it at least 5 times a day....ok...maybe not......but I do wonder by pretty frequently. Wait a second! Now I realized you just played a dirty trick on me...I never comment on these blogs and here I've commented twice in one week! pax!

Pole Guy recently put together a list of blogs in his bookmarks. It is quickly turning into a bigger time waster than .plan/finger was a few years back. It would be a good thing to give up for lent. Speak in short sentences. Use simple words.

I have not been reading your blog until recently. I only added it to my list today. Don't worry I wasn't quietly trolling.

Haha, I don't mind quiet trolls. I'm just curious. I know there's more out there, too. I get regular visits from interesting ISPs where I know people.

Howdy, Papa Lu!


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