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Occasionally I read some of the blogs on the pro-life blogroll on my side bar. Some of them are very insightful and I've made them regular stops. But yesterday I came across two guys arguing in comment boxes over whether we should be fighting to save Terri because she's not saved, which must obviously be the case since she still believes in her parents' false Catholic doctrines. I've also seen attempts at serious discussions on the subject of whether the Pope is the Anti-Christ. I know these guys are our allies in certain areas, but be warned: some of the material on those blogs is directly opposed to the Catholic faith.

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Oh my loving and omnipotent God! How can these people be so arrogant as to decide the soul's fate. Terri's soul belongs to God and to no certain religion or belief--including a religion who claims that the way they interpret the writings from 2000 years ago are correct. By the way, I wonder if they know (check out history) that the Church of Rome (you know the one with the "false" Catholic doctrine) decided which writings were included in that book . . . the Bible.

They don't, and because of their lack of understanding of what the Catholic Church really is, we must forgive them and pray for them, they truly "know not what they do," in persecuting and often despising the Church.


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