Another note on Mass yesterday A.M.

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After Mass I'm kneeling there praying, and all of a sudden the rosary starts. I use the phrase "all of a sudden" because it literally startled me. I looked up and there was a crowd of old men and women hunched over with their fingers flying over their beads. Never before have I heard the rosary prayed that fast. It was like playing a 33 at 78 (does that reference date me?). I don't think I've ever heard the Creed prayed in under 15 seconds before.

Putting all kidding aside, it's easy to look at them and think how cute the little old folk are, with their sweet little devotion. You know by the way they congregated and definitely by the speed that they do this every day. And yes it is cute, and yes their devotion is sweet, but in reality those little gray hairs are a combat unit, and every morning they show up faithfully in service to the entire Church and in union with combat units in parishes all over the world. They are part of an army of old men and women in parishes all over the world who get up every morning and sustain the Church with their 80 mph rosaries. We owe them all a debt of gratitude.

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Yes, the LP reference does date you, but it dates all of us who remember the "turn-the-page-when-R2D2-beeps" record-books of our youths....

We've checked some books-on-tape out of the library for Alexander, and we don't really even have a tape player easily accessible any more. Everything is CD. Oh well.


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