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I've seen this over at Eve's, Zorak's, Ob House, smockmamma's and The Curt Jester, among others. Here are ten things I've done that you probably (in most cases definitely and in some cases hopefully) haven't:

  1. Was made fun of during the homily for two straight years when the Gospel was Zaccheus climbing the tree to catch a look at Jesus,
  2. Ran across the street wearing a cassock and surplice during the "Our Father" of a mass to retrieve the Blessed Sacrament from the rectory and bring it (Him) back to the chapel (walking slowly and reverently of course) while Father kept the whole congregation waiting for me to return. All so the large host used in the monstrance in the rectory chapel could be replaced; why this couldn't wait one more day I have no idea,
  3. Made (as in manufactured) Grey Poupon and Miracle Whip,
  4. Was pick-pocketed (in Rome for World Youth Day 2000) by a gypsy girl only to have the stolen goods (my WYD prayer book) angrily thrown back at me,
  5. While visiting seminaries over spring break, I arranged for a friend to ditch his date to a formal dance and go to a Christian punk concert, thereby freeing her up to go with me. 17 months later I married her.
    UPDATE: While replying to Rosie's comments here, I remembered another fact about this situation that makes it unique: the first part of the date was the wedding of our exes.
  6. Served as a groomsman three times in two months and twice in five days,
  7. Lectored (in English) at a special Mass put together for Lech Walesa when he visited the U of I,
  8. Could read when I was 3 (there's a home video out there that proves it); knew my multiplication tables when I was 4; took college-level Trigonometry in 8th grade; and then:
  9. Failed art my freshman year and had to go to summer school
  10. Was momentarily ranked number one in Time Magazine's online Man of the Century poll (thanks to a certain friend and blogger).

Some of these are kind of lame, but that's because I left some juicy ones out to keep this family friendly. I'll leave it up to your imagination.

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did you really get him to cancel on mama-lu so you could ask her? i don't remember that part of the story. ah, chris, you really are a dirty outlaw from alabama ;)

Well, he made the date with J-Lu (J-Ma at that time) before he knew about the concert. I asked her, but she was already going with him. I don't know how I found out that he was thinking about the concert, but we talked about it over the spring break trip, and I mentioned I had asked her and let her know that if he wanted to go to the concert, Jenny would not go unattended. Imagine Mama-Lu's surprise when he came up to her, told her he was going to the concert and added, "Don't worry, Chris is going to take you to the formal!"

I should probably add that I had no schemes or designs about the date, it was really intended to be a friendly thing.

Oh which reminds me about something interesting I should add re: the date.

I, too, could read when I was 3. All downhill from there... :)

to clarify- I had been warned that there might be a conflict between the concert and the dance, and had said that if it didn't work out I'd see if Chris was still available. I did not do this because I was becoming increasingly anti-male at the time and thinking perhaps it would be best to hole myself up until I stopped breathing fire. This was not helped by the fact that I found out about the new arrangements for my evening through a message on my answering machine when I got back from spring break. Despite all this Chris was a perfect gentleman and a blast to party with.

For the sake of clarification, and to hopefully make myself look like less of a jerk, it was not a concert that I went to but a retreat which I had much earlier committed to be on (prior to asking mama-lu out to the dance.) Realizing my lack of scheduling finesse, I cancelled the date and stuck with my earlier committment. Granted, the whole leaving a message on her answering machine bit was definitely lacking class, hehe. Thankfully, God's hand was in it all, as one can easily see. May God continue to bless the both of you and your family, and thank you for being such great friends

Really? A retreat? I thought it was a Five Iron Frenzy concert. Oh well, the memories fade with time, I guess.

Thanks for stopping by, Eric!

Boy the facts sure make my story less interesting...

I really enjoy being at this informal place.
Wish you luck and success for the future.
Surely see you again sometime.


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