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New baby pictures are here! Check them out (after you read my wife's post on JP2 below)!

Here is a sample:

The most precious gift the Lu- family got this year.

Rice cakes were one of Matthew's first solids. WARNING: babies seem, to love nibbling on them, but ricecakes+baby saliva = concrete.

The Lu- family Christmas picture

We gave Matthew chocolate chip cookie for dessert on Christmas day.

What makes him so happy? Being decked in cubby blue, of course!

Sometimes... my boy gets excited... actually, the funniest part of this picture is his left foot. Look how spread out his toes are! He does this whenever he gets really excited.

First taste.JPG
Introducing him to the finer things at a Super Bowl party at Uncy Larry's.

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The picture after the chocolate chip cookie destruction is pricesless - brings back memories of my 12 year old.


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