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Where's Bill Luse when you need him?

A promotion for breast enhancing cream that involved three models having a 15 minute mammary massage in public has caused a furore in Thailand, with family groups saying it violates traditional values and morality.

He's explained his views on public breastfeeding multiple times, but to my knowledge he's never discussed his position on public breast massage.


Moving right along, I know Cuba has its problems (murderous Communist dictator and all) but I didn't know things had sunk so low:

Cuba on Feb. 7 banned smoking in air-conditioned public buildings, theaters, schools, sports centers, buses and taxis as part of a health initiative.

Wait a sec, so before February 7 you could smoke in a school in Cuba? Hmm... maybe there's something to this Communist dictatorship stuff after all...


Man bites dog... no, really, Man bites dog.

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Do I have to answer this? Okay.
In theory - that is, if we don't believe in God - everything is permissible. Unfortunately, I believe in God.
Furthermore, if we allow women to have their breasts massaged in public, where will it stop? I see a slippery slope here.

I figuerd as much. What does it say that I thought of you when I read this story?

I think Bill has hit the nub of the tissue, I mean issue.

Indeed, in an area where where many men delicately feel their way around, Bill grabs the heart of the matter and exposes the truth for all to see. I am grateful.

that's downright barnyard behavior.

Is Micki referring to us or to real animals? (it wouldn't be the first time I've been called an animal.)

Micki? You have been udderly silent on Bill's question.

breast rubbing should only be done behind closed doors -- barnyard doors or otherwise.

This has certainly been a perky discussion, with all parties remaining firm in their beliefs. Perhaps now is the time to show our softer sides and smooth things over. We must all support one another.


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