Mass conversion

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Anglican pastor converts and brings wife, children (three under the age of three - go on with your bad selves) and SIXTY parishioners with him.

Praise God!

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Yep, in the process, we hope of founding another Anglican Use parish. He was down here is Texas for a conference held at the Summa Mamas Anglican Use parish. He seemed like a very nice young man. And he's brave to do it. We hear too many other Anglican priests saying, "Well, when I retire....."

Like we say--solving the vocation crisis, one ex-Anglican priest at a time!

It is a bold step, and can you imagine how gratifying it must be that so many of his parishioners followed him?

Well, when my home parish (St. Mary the Virgin in Arlington TX) left the Episcopal church, more than that # followed our priest into the Church. I wasn't here at the time, but the entire congregation, minus 2 or 3 folks, moved to Rome. (And we got to keep our church building--mostly, probably, because our building debt pretty much equalled the worth of the building!)

If the Shepherd rejoices when even one of His sheep returns to Him, imagine the backflips He must do when He gets a whole parish!


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