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Papa-Lu- First off, I love you and you are the best papa and hubby ever! Second, I was just thinking I would like to create a list of books and movies I want to get for Matthew and I thought this might be a good place to do it. I also thought you might like to make it a permanant feature (perhaps providing an alternative to loud or large gifts?) However, if you feel that it would be too much for one little blog to handle that's fine. For now, I'll just post my thoughts. (If you feel like you could add pics of these, but I can't remember how:)

La Ballon Rouge
Apple Dumpling Gang
Milo and Otis
All Muppet Movies
Maurice Sendak's Nutcracker

Winne the Pooh
Anything Suessian
E.B. White's 3
Where the Wild Things Are and other Sendak stuff
Chronicles of Narnia

mmmmm, that's enough for now. back to CCD planning.

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I think it's a great idea, and I'm sure readers here would have ideas of their own to contribute.

Perhaps a section on the sidebar would be nice so the list is readily visible? I'll work on it after my test tomorrow. :)

Mama Lu
Don't forget "Outside over There"!!!

should i be concerned that you two are using a bulliten board to communicate?

Outside Over There is on the shelf already

Computer communication is for me stream of conciousness and if I have thought while at a keyboard and on-line I communicate it. so there you go. no cause for concern:)

You don't have to worry, but you can be sad that my eight hours of work is followed by four hours of class twice a week. :(


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