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It's been a while, no?

Work has been hectic. My co-worker - who had been off on medical leave taking care of her ailing mother finally decided to quit to take care of her full time. I'm very much impressed by her decision and her devotion to her mother, but it's not an easy situation by any means so please keep them in your prayers.

Additionally, we do not have Internet access. I'm typing this from class, actually (don't worry, I'm not slacking off - I finished the in-class assignment). Hopefully we'll be back on-line soon.

Matthew started to crawl last night - actually it was more like slithering than crawling, but it was the first time he's made actual forward progress.

Finally, New Years' was great. We flew to El Paso, TX for David and Rosie's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony (2 1/2+ hours!), and Jenny and I both stood up for it. Additionally, we were honored to be the padrinos. This entailed a trdition where a couple places a lazo (consisting of two rosaries joined at the crucifix) around the couple, signifying the couple binding themselves together. We were very grateful to be a part of Matthew travelled very well - especially the flying part.

As for the blog, I had ideas for several posts I wanted to do dating back to before Thanksgiving, but I hardly even remember them. I have articles in my Inbox I was going to comment on, but I don't even remember what I was going to say.

Hopefully, I'll find some time to make some posts that say something besides, "Hey, look at my boy!" Don't worry, I'll keep those posts coming, I'm just saying I want to provide a greater variety of content. Here's hoping.

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Aw man, I'd start exercising if I were you. He's just a few months away from RUNNING and you're just a few months away from CHASING!

How bout some pics from the wedding?!


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