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Just when I was getting back into the swing of things, I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. argh!

Anybody know if it will be once it dries (like our cell phone when Matthew drooled all over it) or if I need to just go ahead and get a new one?

Also, in case anybody's wondering, I'm not ignoring the comment in the Cevenant Marriages post, I just haven't sat in front of a working computer (see previous post re: keyboard) with enough time to compose a respectable reply.

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You may have to clean it with a wet wipe, but it'll be fine...

Dominic dumped a cup of Katie's water into her laptop, and it dried out just fine. I put it on its edge on top of the heating vent and the next morning it was working again. Her inbox (which was open at the time and Eudora didn't save when the computer suddenly shut down) was the only casualty of the event.

Do I need to pry the keys off or something? It's been 2 days now.


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