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I know it's been a while. Christmas was too busy and way too joyful to spend time blogging.

Friday we did Peoria, Sunday we did Chicago, but on Saturday we had the entire day to ourselves. We did "midnight" Mass at our parish, came home and opened St. Nicholas' gift to us of red flannel pajamas for all, gifts which we promptly put to their proper use of wearing to sleep. We did morning Mass as well, where I got tagged to do the readings where we showed up.

I've lectored tons of Masses. I've lectored daily Masses, Sunday Masses, huge solemnities, I even once lectored a Mass that was put together entirely for Lech Walesa (yes it was in English, the Newman Center didn't have any Polish Lectionaries handy). But I've never done a solemnity like Christmas, and somehow I was actually nervous. It wasn't all the solemnity of the event, though - having my son in the first pew squealing didn't help much.

I got through somehow, and we went home to open the loot. The rest of the day was very relaxing, and then in the evening we finally got the snowthat Jenny wanted and about which I was fairly ambivalent except that my wife wanted it so I didn't mind so much. We strapped little Matthew into the stroller and went for a walk in the snow, and that was wonderful.

Now we have a short week and it's off to El Paso for the weekend for David and Rosie's wedding. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to get sacramentally hitched.

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