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There's a great article from today's USA Today about Diversity among Bush's cabinet appointments.

"Bush did not go out and say, 'I'm going to create an administration that looks like America,' which is how Clinton led off," says Paul Light, a political scientist at New York University who has studied presidential appointments. "He has just gone about recruiting a diverse Cabinet as an ordinary act. That's remarkable in the sense it sends to future administrations: 'This is just the way we're going to do business.' "

Bush put the best talent into important positions of power without condescending to the minorities they represent about what a "historic event" it was to do so. In this way, he makes it crystal clear that his appointees have eanred their jobs through merit, not through quotas or through white guilt. Few things are more irritating than an executive trumpeting the diversity of his appointments, as if he [or she - see how much I value diversity!] is doing women and minorities some great favor - how condescending. None of that here; just quiet action.

Another noteworthy (though laughable) line is:

Critics also say there's a shortage of diversity on at least one measure: diversity of opinion.

Well, messieurs et mesdames critics, how would that make the Bush Administration different from, say, your typical college campus? Or from the typical editorial staff at major newspapers? Oh, because the administration doesn't agree with your politics? Duly noted.

The article is a good read, though, especially its assessment of the implications of Bush's appointments for the future of minority politics.

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Yay! :)

Oh, and as far as the article on college campuses is concerned-- yep. That's why I stayed north of Green, even though it nearly killed me. LAS was scary. :/


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