They got a lot of time on their hands over there.

SINGAPORE - Spurred on by shouts of "Shove it in, shove it in!" 19-year-old Don Ezra Nicholas stuffed more than three McDonald's hamburgers into his mouth without swallowing and claimed a new global record at the end of Singapore's contest to be the world's wackiest.

Twenty Singaporeans tried to smash 10 unusual records over the weekend in a bid to make this tiny island nation stand out a bit more on the world map.

They broke two.

Jeffery Koh, 50, became the world's fastest eater of dry biscuits by swallowing three cream crackers in 14.45 seconds, smashing the previous mark of 49.15 seconds set in 2002.

But other attempts failed. They ranged from the fastest to drink a 14-ounce bottle of ketchup through a straw, to the longest paper airplane flight.

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