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for linking to "The 86 Rules of Boozing."

I do not endorse the entire contents of the linked site, nor even all of the rules, but I do endorse 7, 10, 20 (I will not embarrass my friends who have done this by name, you know who you are), 21, 22, 29 (I would add that your friend might appreciate the beer more), 34, 35 (although instead of "appreciate," I would say "learn to use as an opportunity to assess and possibly alter your drinking habits." You don't get hangovers unless you've screwed up), 36 (Mama-Lu proudly claims to have done this), 40, 42, 44 (another Mama-Lu favorite), 45 (despite what teetotaling naysayers preach), 51 (AKA the "Eberlin rule"), 61, 68, 71, 72 (it's also incredibly poor form and incredibly stupid to open a tab and then FORGET about it. Especially since many bars hold your credit card hostage. If you open a tab you better be conscious enough to close it), 76 (a good method: buy a shot tray and distribute them), and 84, especially 84.

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I agree with you on 45, Chris. One of my fondest memories from Vienna is near the end. I borrowed at TV the last few weeks I was there, so enjoying my solitude, I watched a few austrian shows and finished off a bottle of red wine, drinking it like the Austrians sometimes do: 1 part red wine, 1 part Almdudler (similar to ginger ale).

the thing about forgetting a tab and credit card is that, if you are out with a group your buy the first round, but spend to rest of the night having your drinks bought for you, so then you leave without checking in at the bar until the next, or maybe a couple days later when you finally figure out when you last saw your visa. really, bartenders are very nice about the whole thing as long as you entually pay and include a good tip. ummm hypothetically speaking:)

Mo - I also find the Internet much more entertaining with a drink in hand. Too bad I get online mostly in the A.M.

Mama-Lu - Who's been buying you drinks? They're toast.

#35 was my favorite. It also gives you a good vernacular for describing morning sickness....especially to those who may never have experienced it. (i.e. baby#5 was preceded by what felt like a three month head pounding gin induced hangover. baby#6 was only like three months of feeling like I had slightly over-indulged on good white wine - queasy, dry-mouthed but manageable....) ;)


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