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and caption his kerry pic.... Read More


gee, your hair smells terrific!

Mmmmmmmm. All my men wear English Leather......

Red tie, red tie! Make 'em think you aren't a flip-flopper.

No, Michael, I promise. When Parkinson's progesses far enough to destroy your current quality of life, we'll starve you just like that Terri Schiavo. We won't let you suffer any longer than necessary.

US Presidential hopeful John F. Kerry attempts to suck Michael J. Fox's popularity out of the top of the actor's head. The move was yet another effort by Kerry to make himself seem more likeable.

Can someone get this guy outta here?

Don't worry, I may be Catholic but I'm nothing like those mean-spirited pro-lifers -- I'm compassionate. I can empathize with how frustrating it is for you, especially with that Parkinson's making your face so stiff and all -- I have the same problem right after my Botox touch-ups....

I vote for Rosie's!!!!!

last week, on the X-Files...

Psst... I've got some babies for you, Mike. Dead babies. Nice & fresh...

Lesser primates often show affection for one another by grooming, which often involves picking mites and insects out of the groomee's hair with their own teeth and fingernails. (Looks like Kerry's got him a yummy one!)


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