British Judge: OK to let baby die

Doctors caring for a critically-ill premature baby, Charlotte Wyatt, were given permission by a British judge to allow her to die if her condition seriously deteriorates and her breathing stops.

High Court Justice Sir Mark Hedley rendered his decision after parents Darren and Debbie Wyatt, who are expecting their third child, urged him not to give up on their 11-month-old daughter.

This is sinister. A judge has just decided under what terms a human being should be given medical care.

Charlotte, born three months prematurely, has severe breathing and neurological problems, and lives in a plastic box on an oxygen feed. Doctors argued that she would have "a terrible quality of life" if she survives.

This is equally sinister. The doctors brought this to the courts because they didn't want to care for the patient anymore. How are you supposed to trust doctors if they can get permission from a judge to let you die? St. Luke... call your office!

Full sordid story.

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