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Here I am.

I've decided the only way I can possibly get back into things here is to use my morning time. So we'll give it a shot.

First a few pics to satisfy those ravenous folk who keep telling me to post more:
Here's Matthew at his Baptism on July 18th:

Here's one of his baptismal gown, whice I wish you could see better. This gown was the same one worn by my wife and all of her siblings at their Baptisms:
Speaking of Baptisms, we liked it so much we joined our parish's committee. Well, that's not entirely accurate, but we are on the committee. That makes us a little more busy, but it's a good kind of busy. When it comes to evangelization, I'm of the "grab where you can" school of thought, and for many Catholics, Baptism is the only stop at Church besides weddings and funerals. Most importantly, however, I think it's so important for the children that the parents fully understand the responsibilities they assume by presenting their child for Baptism.

After the Baptism, we had weddings on two consecutive weekends. Jenny was Matron of Honor (I can only think of The Philadelphia Story when I hear that title) for Monika and Kevin's wedding in Glenview, and then the next weekend, I was a groomsman in Brian and Kim's wedding in Glenview.

Here's one of our favorite pics - Matthew with Uncy Larry just before Monika's wedding:
Yes, Ladies, they are both single!

Here's one of Matthew and me in our tuxes at Brian's wedding:


(You might be able to see the tux bib better if Matthew weren't chewing on it.)

Both weddings were absolutely beautiful, though I will have to post the details of our trip to Minneapolis sometime soon.

The next big event was our anniversary, which was on the 16th (props to Rosie and Monika for remembering). Here's the top layer of our cake, which we ate as per tradition:

We also dined at Radio Maria, which is walking distance from our new apartment. It was Matthew's first dining out experience with us, and he was very good!

As for current happenings, work is going great, but things are a little tense this week. I started school on the 23rd of August, and I'm taking classes with such exciting names as "Managerial Accounting" and "Principles of Income Taxation Part One." If you ask me, the fact that it takes two classes to teach these principles means the tax code is too d*** complex, but maybe that's just my opinion.

We started CCD last week, so there goes Sunday mornings until May. It went pretty well, however, and we have a better game plan this year than last year (I think that's how experience is supposed to work).

Finally, my wife is all that. She has taken the mess that was our apartment for the first month - after we moved and while all the craziness was going on - and made it into a home. Little by little, room by room, she has transformed the place. She's currently working on making curtains.

Now that this post is over with, I look forward to writing some real posts, not just "Here's why I've been too busy to blog posts."

And of course, to close, here's what you all really want: more pictures!

Matthew practicing his wind-up:

Four generations during Labor Day:

Proof that I can change diapers:

I call this one: "LOOK HOW HUGE MY KID IS!"

This is his headshot, you can order autographed copies by mail:

That's all for now. More pics can be found here.

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