Speaking of Obama


Face it people, he's going to be our next senator.

Due to Alan Keyes' inability to say anything that makes sense to voters who are trained to listen to slogans and sound bytes, there's no way Obama will get less than 75% of the vote.

This is of course, too bad, because Keyes seems to be one of the few politicians who speaks intelligently and honestly about applying moral principles to public life. But then again, we get the public officials we deserve. If an allegedly Christian population can't comprehend that Jesus probably wouldn't vote for a pro-abortion candidate, what do we expect?

On the other hand, Keyes kind of weirds me out. I watched his cable show a couple of times, and I could never get past his creepy grin. No matter what he was saying, his mouth was stuck in a smile.

Also, with regards to the "Jesus wouldn't vote for Obama" comment, if you're going to use money and time to run for public office, you should at least try to tailor your message to the people who are voting. I'm not talking about lying, I'm not talking about smearing your opponent, I'm talking about not saying things that are going to strike fear in the hearts of an over-educated elite and go over the heads of a proletariat that lacks a vocabulary of principled citizenship.

Keyes' only hope lies in the debates, but it's a tenuous hope. He will undoubtedly shred Obama, but runs a risk of getting himself into trouble, especially with a Chicago media just looking for soundbytes to distort and amplify.

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