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I got up, hopped on my bike and rode to work. That was my first mistake. It was COOOOLD yesterday A.M. I got to work and defrosted, and then proceeded to get slammed. Yesterday was the first day after quarter-end for my company's fiscal year. This day is also known as the Day of Reckoning, 'cuz that's what I do. All day. I reckon. I finally got out of work and rode home. Now it was in the high 70s and I was sweltering in a long-sleeved shirt.

I got home, and my blessed wife had dinner ready because I had 10 minutes to eat and then grab my books to run off to my class which is every bit as exciting as its title: "Principles of Income Taxation, Part 1," where my teacher - an ancient man about whom everything you need to know is summed up in his email address: ol_bud at kingothehill dot something or other - laments over how the IRS has taken all of the fun out of avoiding your income taxes. The good news is I got an A on the first test!

This class lasts from 6 - 10. Mercifully, we got out a bit before 9:30, so I could come home and at least spend a few minutes with the family before going to bed, so I can wake up today and do it all over again, this time with a class every bit as exciting as its title: "Introduction to Managerial Accounting."

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Good thing God gives us crosses to bear, otherwise we'd spend a whole lot more time in purgatory!

I wish I could ride my bike to work!
It'd be a whole lot harder to fall asleep doing that than while I'm driving 30 miles.

Yet another reason for us to never move to Chicago :)

re: cross to bear: I know mine are particularly light, but gosh I would love to have time with the missuson Monday and/or Tuesday.

Egad, Mr. Lu! Riding to work in Champaign is an efficient way to get your company to name something after you as a memorial. - scroll down to "Jerry B. Keiper (1953-1995) An Obituary"

Be careful out there -


Strictly side streets for me, Bill. The most dangerous part of my ride is passing Central High School. I've seen some thugs take a nice long look at my bike. :)

At the bike store, the salesman told us about a guy who rode to work downtown every day. Apparently, parts of his bike kept getting stolen (he had a nicer bike, like yours :) So the guy spraypainted the frame gray. Now it looks like a crappy bike, and no more stolen parts!


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