"How can this possibly be funny?"


I know this article's been making the rounds in blog-world. But I just have to link it.

Kerry Learning to Wield Humor As Weapon

If you've only seen excerpts, go read the whole article. But do it out loud. Trust me, it will be worth it. It reads like something straight out of The Onion. I read it out loud to Mama-Lu and she stopped me half way through to ask if it was a parody.

Take, for instance, this gem (remember, read it OUT LOUD):

Kerry isn't just using the lingo of the younger generation. He's thrown in a couple of old-fashioned folksy phrases, too. "Heavens to Betsy," he said earlier this month when remarking on Republicans' failure to reinstate the assault weapons ban.

I also find it funny that the only reference to his complete bomb appearance on Letterman comes in the very last line of the article.

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