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CCD is up and running now. We had our second class of the year on Sunday.

First we were commissioned at the 9:30 Mass where we got to stand up and profess our adherence to Church teaching. I was soooooo tempted to end by uttering just loud enough to be heard: "It moves."

We got to our classroom, and it had been overrun by a bunch of Brownie scouts due to a scheduling confusion, so we got bumped. As I was wandering up and down the hall with one of our students looking for our new classroom, we passed the gym where coffee and doughnuts is held after Mass. I jokingy lamented that I was going to miss out on my morning coffee, an she responded, "Oooohhh nooo!! My mom is always CRABBY when she doesn't have her coffee." This was enough to make me have to stifle a chuckle, but she continued. "OOOHHH. THAT'S must be why she's been so crabby lately! She's pregnant and can't have any coffee!"

CCD was rather uneventful, but I must say that having a baby is a great prop. He was our priest last week when we were teaching the children how to greet the priests when they walk into the room. This week he was my example of handing Church teaching on from generation to generation. If you teach CCD, I highly recommend having a child (they also have many other useful functions, such as providing a ready-made excuse for bowing out of social obligations, making bowel movements acceptable and even intelligent dinner conversation and bringing constant joy to an already full life).

One more thing: the head coach for the university women's basketball team is co-teaching 7th grade in our parish. She saw our DRE's appeal for help in the bulletin and decided that even thugh they practice or have games every Sunday, she could sacrifice some time and help out. The next time someone complains about being too busy to help at Church tell them this and then knock them on the head.

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That's really cool to hear about Coach Grentz! I remember a few years ago seeing her at St. John's, so I knew she was Catholic, but that's neat that she is helping out CCD. Go her!


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