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The new apartment is not yet fully set up, although we do have a phone line as of today. Yes, it took AT&T a month to set us up. To top things off, the day we finally get a guy in here to do whatever the heck he needed to do (Do you know AT&T contracts out to another company that actually does their installation. What on earth is a phone company good for if they can't even connect your phone!? You know what they're good for, sucking time and joy out of your life, that's what. Neanderthals.), we also get a bill from AT&T in the mail charging us from July 27th.

In other news, we'll miss Julie, who just entered the Nashville Domincans. But sad as we are that we didn't get to see her at her "Nun Shower," we were very glad that we got to see her at Monika's wedding. By the way, check out Monika and Kevin's wedding pics and see my wife - who is such a babe that it took two "best men" to handle her as matron of honor. Oh yeah, it was a nice wedding, too.

I thought things would calm down once July hit, but was sorely mistaken. First of all, I still have a job, and that takes time. Also, my quality of sleep has been greatly reduced in the past two months, which means the quantity must go up. Third, we've had a lot to do recently with the organization my wife used to work for and for which we now volunteer.

And then there's that matter of the apartment we haven't set up.

I love the place to death, but I could do without the owner. It's a big company which is a big pain to deal with. We had a work order in for our stove for a month before anything was done. OUR STOVE. For all you men who think it would be great to grill hot dogs and hamburgers every night for dinner, let me just say it's not as great as you might think.

But now we have a stove, as well as a functioning bathroom sink (a severely clogged drain + drippy faucet = big mess), but our living room window still won't close.

It's not like we rented a crappy place - I actually quite like it - it's just that the previous renters were wretched. They had their own private zoo, and I have a feeling they dumped a lot of animal stuff down the sink (hair, dirt from terrariums, etc.) before they left. I have no idea what they did to the stove.

At any rate, our life is coming into some semblance of order. Except now summer is over, which means CCD for the both of us, and classes for me. The good thing about classes is that I can use the computers here to send email and blog. It's a faster connection than dial-up and my computer's not set up yet anyway.

By the way, for those of you who want to see more pictures, I promise I will post some just as soon as we get the computer set up. I have tons of pics on my camera that I can't wait to show you all. Hopefully that will be soon.

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it is SO good to have you back!


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