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July is going to be a very grace-filled, but also very tough month. Jenny and I will be moving to our new apartment, Matthew is getting baptized on the 18th, Jenny's maid of honor is getting married on the 24th (Jeny is standing up), and my best man is getting married on the 31st (I'm standing up). I'm also going to try to pick up extra days at work to cover what I'll be missing.

Fortunately, our leases overlap by the entire month, but with all the traveling, our goal is to have verything done by the day of the baptism.

Schedule for the month of July:

July 2-31: MOVE!

July 4: Dominic's baptism OOPS! Our clock at home slowed down, so we missed it.

July 5: I've got the day off of work. We're going to take a load over and do some cleaning in the new place.

July 17: I'm probably working that Saturday


July 22 (after work) or early July 23: Drive to Chicago.

July 23: Monika and Kevin's rehearsal

July 24: Monika and Kevin's wedding!!

July 25: Grandma-Lu's Birthday. Happy birthday mom!

July 25: Drive back to Champaign.

July 29 (early A.M.): Drive to Chicago

July 30 (early A.M.): Drive to Minneapolis, MN

July 30 (P.M.): Brian and Kim's rehearsal

July 31: Brian and Kim's wedding!!

August 1: Drive back to Champaign

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Oh, I'm just barely going to miss Matthew's baptism! I'm flying back on the 18th! I'll say a prayer in the air. :)

What a schedule!
Good thing the little guy won't need potty stops. :)

Man, what do I have to do to get the details on Matthew B's baptism?

(PS: I think you should call him Mattie B, just for fun!)


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