It's official...


... we have a rascal.

We went to 5:30 Mass PM at our parish today. When we left the house, Matthew was sound asleep. He'd just eaten and did not make a noise all the way to Church.

During Mass, he started getting a bit antsy. He started wiggling around and making his little noises that sound like he is in a perpetual stretch. I was trying to calm him down, switching positions to make him more comfortable and swaying back and forth because he loves motion so much. He would have periods of quiet, but would then start up again. All of a sudden, he punctuated it with a couple of shrieks. I knew then that I had to get out of there, so I promptly escaped to the cry room. Once there, he let loose completely. There was nothing I could do; there was no hold, no stroke, no soft words that would calm him down.

Jenny came back shortly afterwards and nursed him until it was time for Communion - which was seriously only about 5 minutes (she came back during the consecration, in fact). After we received, he was pretty quiet, so we sat back in the pew, and Jenny was holding Matthew.

I looked at him and he was resting there against her chest, with this look on his face. There's no way I can accurately describe it, but Jenny and I both had the same thought - he was laughing at us. I know it's impossible, but that is the exact look he had on his face. His mouth was open in a sort of smile, and his eyes were truly dancing. If it were a cartoon, there would have been a conversation bubble coming from his mouth saying, "Suckers!" It was unbelievable.

And I'm sure that our mothers are reading this and relishing every little bit of sweet revenge. I'm sure the best is yet to come.

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