Down in the dumps, but looking up!

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The Cubs absolutely cannot be losing games on Friday afternoons. Especially to the Brewers. It's too early in the weekend for me to be so completely out Argh!

Tomorrow I have to work so I can have next Friday off. While, I'm at work, my wife will be choreographing the final stage of our move. We've enlisted the help of some friends and some vehicles larger than ours, and I'll be helping out once I get off. Once the move is done, we'll head in to set up for the Baptismal after-set.

Sunday is the big day!

Please pray for our little pagan baby as he becomes an adopted Son of God and brother of all Christians!

St. Matthew, pray for us!
St. Boniface, pray for us!

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None of this recycling of old pics,
We need new ones!

Cut me some slack, yo. No pics until the computer is set up in the new place.


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