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I've always wanted to post a list of what I'm reading on my blog, but every time I start to make a list, I feel like it's a somewhat prideful thing to do, in the sense of: "Check out the really deep/orthodox/classic/heady/cool stuff I'm reading!"

But, I've been doing little enough reading lately that there's no risk of being falsely inflated because I know precisely what a slacker I am!

Twisted logic aside, here's a new periodic feature called:


UPDATE: This post was ridiculously long, so I moved the list over to the sidebar, where I can keep it and update it periodically. Feel free to give me crap if the list doesn't change for a long period of time. :) It means I should be doing less blogging (and fantasy baseball-ing) and more reading.

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I know what you mean. This is why I don't place a reading list on my blog. I know it isn't a huge deal compared to other things, but still, I like to think that even my small sacrifices count in God's eyes.

Indeed. I'm thinking this will be a motivator. Everytime I look at my blog, I'll be reminded of a better way to use my time. :)

Where did you get your copy of Mother and Infant, and are there others available there? Peony Moss is looking for one and so am I~!

My wife got it from her mom. I'll look into it.


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