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Sudanese Bishop Macram Max Gassis will be on EWTN this Friday, presumably speaking about the situation in his country.

He came to visit the U of I Newman Center when I was there, and spoke at all of the Masses. This was a few years ago, but I remember him very well. He is a target of the Sudanese government (at least he was at the time, I don't know his current status) and he would have to sneak in and out of the country to visit and celebrate Mass for his people and bring them aid.

I think what I remember most about his talk, though, was his exhortation to us to be joyful in our faith despite all of the injustices in the world. "Have a beer!" he said (I believe I did that night - for him of course). But he reminded us that as we celebrate our freedom to remember the people who suffer even unto death.

At any rate, it should be an interesting show. It's Friday evening at 8 PM Eastern time.

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What I remember from his talk was that he said that anyone who doesn't love is a coward. I even wrote it in my bible in the margin of whatever passage he was discussing.

(Do I get credit for pointing you at this, or did we both do this in parallel? I posted it to the k-list when I saw the news article on EWTN, since I don't have a weblog following).

Yeah, I wondered what the deal was with that... great minds think alike? :)

The hat-tip goes to Brandon. I shoulda mentioned that.

However, I think a good chunk of people who stop by here are on the K-list as well.


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