BIG Baby-Lu!

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Matthew had a doctor's appointment today. He's up to 10 lbs 10 oz and is 22 inches long.


For those of you without a long memory that means he's gained over 2 lbs since birth and has only grown one inch.

It seems maybe he's taking a little too much after his Papa, huh? :)

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He's beautiful.
My first son was 10# 12oz and 22.5" at birth. He's 21 now, 6'3" @ he says. He won't let me put him on the scale anymore... :)

As long as he is strictly breastfed, he will grow in the way he is supposed to!

Ditto what Alicia says. Growth charts for breastfed babies are mis-leading and incorrect, because in making the growth charts they mush together breastfed and formula-fed, which are significantly different. Also, Alexander was always under weight, and Dominic appears to be the other way around. He weighed 14# something when Katie weighed him on our postal scale the other day -- that's 1 pound short of doubling his birth weight in two months!


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