What a day...


No baby yet. J had an appointment today, and the baby has dropped, but not engaged, for those of you who know what those things mean.

For those of you who care about these things, I'm sure you're tearing your hair out just like I am. Of course, I'm thrilled at Prior's performance (6 IP, 0 ER, 2 H, BB, 8 K, retired first 13 batters he faced and was pulled because he was on a pitch count). But how many times can one team completely blow it with bases loaded in one week? Remember though, Sosa is due back soon, and really, as much as Alex Gonzalez was struggling, wouldn't we rather see him step up to the plate than Ray 0-for-4-donez?

I make my return to the softball field tonight after being shelved for 3 weeks with a mild knee strain. I practiced live for the first time last night, ripping a home run that I actually legged out!

Again, Baby-Lu can make his* grand appearance any day now! Be sure to check back here for pictures (hint, hint).

Tomorrow is the Memorial of St. Boniface! If you make it to Mass, please do pray for us!

* We still do not whether we're having a boy or a girl, but in the English language, the masculine pronoun is appropriate for an unknown gender.

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