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One of the greatest blessings that God has given the Lu- family is that we have a great network of family, friends and fellow parishioners to support us. We have received so many gifts for the little guy - everything from a crib to clothes to diapers and so much more. Additionally, we have several friends who have been good enough to prepare and deliver meals to us, which has been a tremendous help in sparing us the timeof cooking.

We are so grateful for all of these blessings - big and small. The birth of our first child would be a tremendous joy under any circumstances, but it's made it that much sweeter to know that there are so many people around us who love us and care for us with true Christian charity.

It also makes me sad to know that there are many families and single women enduring pregnancy right now who don't have this kind of support.

Our parish has an Elizabeth Ministry, which involves outreach to pregnant women. It seems to me that this is one of the most needed ministries in our society. I know when Jenny was so sick at the beginning of the pregnancy, she needed all the support that I and her mother and other friends could give her. It makes me think of young women out there who don't have any support trying to manage a pregnancy while alone and vulnerable. It is a very scary thing, and ministry to these and all pregnant women and their families is truly a worthwhile way to serve. If your parish or diocese has an Elizabeth ministry or if there is a crisis pregnancy center nearby, I highly recommend looking into ways you can help.

On a lighter note, one of these acts of generosity came from a friend of ours wwho was in Chicago this weekend. In a true act of charity which will gain him many jewels in his heavenly crown he offered to stop by one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago - Carsons, and pick up a meal for us.

For those who don't know, Carsons is world famous for its ribs. What most people (even many of those who have eaten there) don't know, however, is that the porkchops at Carsons are about 20 times better than the ribs. These are incredibly large slabs of meat cooked to perfection and smothered in barbeque sauce.

And so, due to his generosity, my wife and I were able to have a dinner last night consisting of brick-sized hunks of porkchop with au gratin potatoes and one of the best slaws in Illinois.


So thank you, Mr. D., you did a good thing this weekend. Nay, a great thing!

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