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Christopher Hitchens destroys Fahrenheit 911, from Slate.

I'd comment, but I don't want Moore and his Democrat party goons to come after me. Just read the article.

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I wouldn't say that Moore is representative of Democrats. I would agree that most of his followers would define themselves as such. This is my gripe with a two-party system: it's easy to define yourself as against something without actually having to consider what you are for, and everyone else goes along with it because it's easy to sweep you together with everyone else that is against whatever it is without any serious discussion or thought required. If people voted less on party lines and more for the candidates, this would not be possible. Of course, this would upset all the lobbists (and journalists), who don't have time in their busy days to actually understand the issues and prefer stereotyping and typecasting their political representatives into the two-party model.

Hey Brandon,

I know Moore is an independent, but he's secured a line-up of Democrat heavy-weights (former advisers to Gore and others) to spin his movie and to go after anybody who "slanders" him.

Agreed about the two party system, though. It doesn't give one much room to maneuver when deciding upon a candidate. Every time I vote, I find myself holding my nose while I do so.

Even worse than not giving the voters good choices, the current two-party system doesn't give the candidates any room to maneuver. For example, no matter what John Kerry thinks about abortion, it would currently be impossible for him to make the Democratic presidential nomination without being politically "pro-choice". And many other issues are similar; we reduce the complexities of the issues to black and white, and one party takes "black" and one party takes "white" and they shout rhetoric back and forth at each other without having -- or being able -- to consider any of the complexities or nuances of the issues.


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