Papa's Day!

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Papa's Day
A still-sleepy and almost teary-eyed Papa-Lu celebrates his first ever Papa's day.

Thank you all for the prayers, emails and kind words. Please always feel welcome to visit and comment. I plan on enjoying the rest of my day with a pipe and a pint, some of Matthew's belated birthday cake, and by holding and cherishing my beloved wife and treasured son. Who knows, there may even be a reading tonight from the book of George - Curious George, that is.

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Papa-Lu is a new Daddy from Fathers Know Best on June 20, 2004 6:33 PM

I don't know if this is Papa-Lu's (Papa Familias) first, second or more, but congratulations nonetheless. Just go to his blog since he has a few posts on this.... Read More


Congratulations, Papa Lu and happy father's day to you.

The pix are gorgeous.
What a splendid first Fathers' Day!!!

A very big congrats!

Congratulations, guys. :) Cute baby. Totally wish I could be there for the Baptism-- I'm praying for y'all from Europe... :)

Congratulations from Greece!

Many congratulations! I love your boy's name, by the way. Boniface. How many kids get a cool middle name like that? You must be so thrilled to have this new little gift in your arms.


Thanks to all!

Yes, it was a tremendous Fathers Day!

And yes he is cute!

And I'm so glad you like the middle name! And yes we are SO incredibly thrilled to have our precious gift! (And, Christine, I understand you are expecting one yourself, n'est-ce pas?)

Indeed! I am due Christmas Eve! I couldn't ask for a better gift...

Yay! belated congratulations to the new papa and mama!!!


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